DJM World/10in5 enterprises apparent scam

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I'm in the job market and am getting a lot of scam emails- pyramid schemes, etc.I got a suspicious one from a company that calls itself "10in5 enterprises" that says nothing about who they are.

They just send you a link which just starts asking for information. Even more interesting is that every time you click the link, the company name in the address bar changes. In addition to those noted above I got "globallotusinc","" and "".

A hunt for information turned up either nothing or that same page that only wants your information.I would strongly suggets entering NO personal information.

Review about: Apparent Scam.



I had same experience with this email as everyone else. My last name is very unusual and of course that lady has it.


If you don't remember applying for a certain company and there is not contact telephone number where you can talk to a live person, please "DO NOT DO IT"


I recieved this same email and noticed that the sender also had the same last name. I also have a rare last name and thought that this was odd. I am glad I did some research and found this site before responding.


I just recieved the same email and as with you all the woman magically had my last name...


I just received the email, and like many to you, it's a lady with my same last name, and also she directs to me with my first name... I clicked on the link to see what the company was all about and it has NO info what so ever and it only asks you about personal info...


Right you are Zman, I received email with a lady who has my same last name. If you keep going back to the site a popup windwow will ask you if you want to see more info. Clik it and 'then' you'll get to see what this company is all about(bluhhh).


I too received this Email I noticed that the sender tried to bond with me by making her last name the same as mine.My last name is really rare most people can not spell it.

The link leads nowhere and they are just waiting for an *** to fillout the information form.I usually delete all unknown senders but I guess i was bored today.

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